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Intelligent editing for writers of mysteries and thrillers

Have you written a thrilling novel that you’d like to publish?


Then working with an editor is the next logical step on your journey.

And that’s where I can help you.

As a professional fiction editor it’s my role to hunt down and advise you on anything that may be dragging the attention of your readers away from your story. Good editing makes sure your story is centre stage, which is precisely where it should be – not held hostage to misused words, dodgy punctuation or confusing inconsistencies.

You’re smart enough to recognise the need for those final refinements that will give your book the edge, instead of falling off it. You’ve worked hard to craft a gripping tale, and you want to ensure that when you show your book to the world it is the very best it can be.

The editorial intelligence you need to do that is right here, whether you’re looking to self-publish, or follow a traditional publishing route.

I can bring fresh eyes to your story. Expert, trained eyes that will spot things your weary writer gaze may gloss over out of sheer familiarity with your material. And I promise to be gentle with your words, and to respect your authorial voice. Because I’m a writer too, so I understand how important these things are to you.

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Image © Jussi Pernaa: Dreamstime