Editorial Services

‘You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.’

Arthur Plotnik, Editor (and Author)

The value your editor brings


An editor is the buffer between your writing and your readers. As your editor I will help ensure your writing is remembered for all the right reasons – for the fire, not the smoke.

There are two ways we can achieve that:


Editing enhances your writing.

It makes sure your words are clear, concise and correct.

This service is for you when you’re happy your story is in good shape, and you’re ready to fine-tune it for publishing.

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Proofreading polishes your text.

It addresses all those little technical and formatting errors.

This service is for you when you’re content your story is in good shape and after it has already benefited from editing.

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How it all Works

  • When I receive your email or contact form I’ll get in touch to discuss your requirements.
  • I’ll ask you to send me a short sample of your text so we can be sure this is the right service for you.
  • Once we’ve agreed the details of our work together we’ll fix a schedule for when I can dive right into your novel and get started.
  • I will work in Word, using the Tracked Changes and Comments features to record any amendments or suggestions I make. You have complete visibility and control.


What you Will Receive

  • When my work is complete I’ll return your novel to you, in three distinct formats:
  1. Full View – with all the Tracked Changes and Comments visible. This can sometimes look very busy, so you’ll also receive a …
  2. Comments Only View – with the Tracked Changes implemented, and just the Comments visible, for ease of reading and use. Finally, you’ll also receive a …
  3. Finished View – with all Tracked Changes implemented and Comments removed, to give you an instant view of how the proposed amendments could look.
  • While working I create a Style Sheet, and I’ll send this to you along with your annotated novel. The Style Sheet is a simple Word reference document where I record the most important editorial style decisions I’ve made during my work for you.
  • In the month that follows my return of the documents you have the opportunity to raise any queries with me about the work I have completed in one follow-up email.


Freebie Alert!

If you’re interested to see exactly what’s on offer you can request a free 500-word sample edit or proofread to get a feel for the sort of amendments I may suggest.

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