What secrets can a fresh pair of eyes find among your words?

Editing is Essential

Editing is about improving your writing at a line-by-line level. It’s a detailed review that looks long and hard at the words that are the building blocks of your narrative.

When editing your novel I will correct any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. And beyond scratching this surface I’ll delve much deeper.

As the buffer between you and your readers I’m here to protect your story from any distractions that may have unintentionally crept into your words. Any errors that may wrest the attention of your readers away from their enjoyment of your tale.

In line and copy-editing (my service is a blend of both) I take a look at each and every sentence and check it for clarity and correct and appropriate use of words. I assess how your sentences fit together, with the aim of making sure that your story flows smoothly and is consistent in its progress, language and style.

And I’m careful, always, to preserve your voice. This isn’t about rewriting your words – it’s about making them sparkle. And it’s entirely your choice to accept or reject any amendments I suggest.

Things I Address When Editing

  • Errors in spelling and grammar
  • Incorrect use and placing of punctuation marks
  • Ambiguous use of language or order of words
  • Inappropriate choice of words and sentence structure for your characters and/or market
  • Inconsistencies in style choices, such as use of capitals, and British or US English
  • Overuse of certain words or phrases
  • Issues in your timeline
  • Clunky sentence constructions that can interfere with your story flow
  • Inconsistencies in story facts, for example in the age or appearance of a character

£10-15 / $13-20 per 1,000 words

Rememberediting enhances your writing, and I would always recommend that you follow-up this process with a professional proofread to give your text that final polish.



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