Time to make your story shine

Proofreading for Perfection

Proofreading provides that final check before publication. It picks up any remaining errors in spelling, syntax, and grammar.


Because no editor is perfect. And nor is any proofreader for that matter. But we’re pretty darned good at this stuff. Which is why you so rarely catch errors in professionally published books – and why they stand out so much when you do.

Proofreading should make your words invisible, and your story shine.

Every Letter Counts

When I proofread your novel I will look at each letter individually.

That’s right: Every. Single. One.

It’s the only way to catch typos and errors in a manuscript that’s already been buffed to near perfection. My review will also make sure the format and layout of your novel conforms to those most commonly used in the publishing industry and for your chosen format.

As with any editing advice I offer, you are entirely free to accept or reject my suggested proofreading amendments.

Things I Address When Proofreading:

  • Errors in spelling and grammar
  • Incorrect use and placing of punctuation marks
  • Consistent adherence to any style decisions made during writing or at the editing stage
  • Glaring errors in your text, such as missing or duplicated words
  • Any remaining sentences that simply don’t make sense
  • That any page numbers and chapter headings match your table of contents (if you have one)
  • Consistency in the formatting of your paragraphs and chapter breaks

£6-10 / $8-13 per 1,000 words

Rememberproofreading polishes your text. It is the final flourish in the preparation of your novel before it goes public. And it’s your last chance to catch any remaining errors.

Contact me now to discuss your requirements.

Image © Sergey Nivens: Shutterstock